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What Will You Learn?

  • The eyeglass case project is a wonderful opportunity to learn the fundamentals of working with wool and create a small yet practical item. In this lesson, you will gain hands-on experience in using wool batts to construct the case. Once you have mastered the techniques taught in this project, you can apply them to create larger and more intricate items, such as bags or even a stylish computer case.
  • Working with wool in batts allows you to explore the versatility and beauty of this material. You will learn how to handle the wool, shape it to fit the desired dimensions, and incorporate additional design elements if desired. By the end of the project, you will have a functional eyeglass case that showcases your newfound felting skills.
  • Not only will you develop your felting abilities through this project, but you will also gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in creating something practical and personalized. The skills and knowledge acquired during the eyeglass case project will serve as a foundation for future endeavors in felting, empowering you to take on larger and more intricate projects.
  • Get ready to embark on a creative journey and unleash your artistic potential. The eyeglass case project is just the beginning of a rewarding felting adventure. Let your imagination soar as you explore the possibilities of wool and create stunning and functional items that reflect your unique style.
  • Happy felting!

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